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Martial Arts Injury Care and Prevention (Turtle Press)

Martial Arts Injury Care and Prevention (Turtle Press)
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Trish Bare
Turtle Press
Strength & Conditioning
Running Time:
70 minutes
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On the Bare Essentials Injury Care and Prevention DVD, Trish Bare Grounds shares expert advice on martial arts training safety, takes you step by step through the taping the major joints, teaches you key conditioning exercises for injury prevention and dispels common self-care myths. As one of the foremost experts in the US on martial arts injury treatment, Trish brings years of experience to this DVD. Topics covered include:

• Taping methods for the ankle, toe, arch, achilles tendon, shin (shin splints), knee, groin/thigh, wrist and fingers
• Stretching for injury prevention and rehabilitation
• Effects of caffeine and nicotine
• Precautions for head, neck and spine injuries
• Second impact syndrome and concussions
• The benefits of wearing a mouthpiece
• Dehydration and weight loss
• Pain relief medication
• When to use ice vs. heat for pain relief and injury care

Plus special DVD bonuses:

• How to identify and evaluate common injuries
• 14 Head injury situations with first aid guidelines
• First aid tests for common martial arts tournament injuries

This DVD is an excellent resource for students and should be mandatory viewing for all coaches, instructors and martial arts school staff. Trish dispels common myths and shares her professional knowledge gained through treating thousands of martial arts athletes in her career as an Athletic Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

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