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Terrorism Survival: Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection

Terrorism Survival: Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection
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Jim Wagner
Black Belt Video
Men's Self Defense, Police, Survival
Running Time:
42 minutes
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What would you do if you were caught in the middle of a grenade attack or if a co-worker went on a shooting spree? As a former counterterrorist agent with the U.S. government, Jim Wagner brings you his tips for public-transportation survival and pre-conflict positioning, as well as advice for dealing with bomb threats and other high-risk incidents.

Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection: Terrorism Survival DVD is not just a lecture about these things; it is a detailed, step-by-step prescription for dealing with such incidents.

Few self-defense techniques instructors in the world can come close to Jim Wagner's background. He's a former soldier, jailer, street cop, SWAT officer, diplomatic bodyguard and counterterrorist agent with the U.S. government. Jim Wagner is one of the world's top police and military defensive-tactics instructors. He has trained elite units worldwide, including the U.S. Marshals Service, FBI SWAT, German's GSG9, Israeli Special Forces, U.S. Border Patrol, Brazilian GATE, Argentina's GOE, U.S. Air Force Security Forces, California Highway Patrol, INS, DEA, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines, Helsinki Police Department and security personnel in dozens of prisons.

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