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Muay Thai Knockout (Turtle Press)

Muay Thai Knockout (Turtle Press)
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Kumron Vaitayanon
Turtle Press
Muay Thai
Running Time:
81 minutes
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Follow along as Master Kumron Vaitayanon, a retired professional Muay Thai fighter with over 80 wins in Thailand, teaches you the essential skills of Muay Thai, a powerful full contact style that uses fists, feet, elbows and knees to punish opponents. This hard hitting Muay Thai DVD takes you inside Master K's gym as he works with his fighters, showing you how they train and teaching you the finer points of this brutal art including:

• Wrapping your hands for working out and for a fight
• The most powerful and devastating ways of executing the punches of Muay Thai: the jab, the straight punch and the hook
• The awesome knockout power of the Muay Thai elbow and the many ways of striking with the elbow
• Exactly which targets to aim for to end a fight by a knockout or a cut, particularly using Master K's specialty: the elbow to the face
• Training using pads and light to full contact partner work
• Methods for combining footwork with hand skills for high impact results
• The two most commonly used Muay Thai kicks: the push kick and the roundhouse kick
• The most essential kicking/punching combinations
• The secret to taking full contact kicks day after day in training
• Training methods for kicking and knee strikes including the heavy bag, body protector and pads
• The best way to combine your kicks and footwork for deception and speed
• The fundamental footwork of Muay Thai
• The correct Muay Thai skills to use in each fighting range
• The fundamentals of clinching, including how to use the clinch to punish your opponent with knee strikes to the head and body
• The proper method of breathing for power and stamina
• The use of the knee in Muay Thai, including several methods of striking to the body and head
• Effective defensive use of kicks to stop your opponent's hand strikes

This comprehensive DVD also includes a brief historical background of Muay Thai and the meaning of the ceremony fighters perform before each bout.

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