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Tai Chi for Life: Chen Style (Turtle Press)

Tai Chi for Life: Chen Style (Turtle Press)
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Guangzhi Xing
Turtle Press
Tai Chi
Running Time:
80 minutes
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Chen Style is the oldest form of Tai Chi from which all other styles were created. The movements of this flowing form can be smooth as a stream or as powerful as a tidal wave. On this DVD, Master Guangzhi Xing teaches you the two most popular Chen style forms: Chen Style 38 Form and Chen Style Broad Sword Form.

Begin with a warm-up followed by detailed instruction in the movements that make up the forms. Master Xing demonstrates from the front, rear and side views, performing the complete form then teaching the individual movements one by one with detailed instruction. Learn to channel your inner energy in your martial arts practice and in your daily life.

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to soothe the mind and strengthen the body. It can be practiced by people of any age and the principles contained within the movements can be applied to create harmony in every area of our daily lives.

In the Tai Chi for Life series, Master Guangzhi Xing teaches you to combine balance, coordination and breathing with harmonious movements as a way to renew and invigorate your body, mind and spirit.

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