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The Flat Half Guard #1 by Jonatas Novaes

The Flat Half Guard #1 by Jonatas Novaes
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Jonatas Novaes
World Martial Arts
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts
Running Time:
62 minutes
Release Date:


Never get stuck on the bottom again with BJJ champ Jonatas Novaes and his innovative Flat Half Guard! New from World Martial Arts, Jonatas Novaes' Flat Half Guard is one of the most unique and innovative positions ever seen on any BJJ instructional series to date. Similar to being mounted, being stuck in a "flat half guard' is having your back, shoulders and head trapped down on the mat. Always training with larger opponents, Jonatas would often find himself in this position, stuck on the bottom and fighting from his back. Refusing to give up, Jonatas started to develop a series of moves that allowed him to escape, sweep and submit from the "flat half" as he started to call it.

In this DVD series, Jonatas Novaes will teach you everything you need to know to fight and win from the Flat Half! With over 70 techniques on the entire series, you will learn step-by-step all of the grips, sweeps, reversals and submissions that will enable you to win from the flat half! Every technique on this entire series Jonatas has personally used in hundreds of BJJ and MMA matches so this is the must have BJJ series of the year.

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