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The Enigma #2 Street Fighting System (Self Preservation)

The Enigma #2 Street Fighting System (Self Preservation)
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Paul Vunak
Executive PFS
Self Defense, Street Fighting
Running Time:
60 minutes
Release Date:


In four hours of instruction you can become a lethal weapon using the same system taught to 13 government agencies. Paul Vunak will teach you his system of one million techniques designed for martial arts school owners. Paul will share with you for the first time what he calls his Golden Goose Principle. This principle he developed has allowed him to give hundreds of seminars, publish many books and videos without ever having to repeat himself. This one tool alone will provide you with an endless well of knowledge which you can teach your students and use for a lifetime.

Learn the exact curriculum Paul Vunak Taught to US Government agencies. High Lights Include:

- The exact curriculum Paul Vunak Taught to US Government agencies.
- Paul has condensed 20 years of Brazilian Jujitsu down to his top 10 favorite moves.
- Paul Vunak's secret "Golden Goose" principle of One million techniques.
- Bruce Lee's six most effective Wing Chun moves.
- For the first time ever Paul shows "quick kills" taught only to special assault units.
- Defense against a knife that will improve one's odds 100% guaranteed.
- Why most disarms will get you killed. Paul shows you what works.
- And much more!

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