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Traditional Shaolin Spearplay (Chinese)

Traditional Shaolin Spearplay (Chinese)
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Wang Guanglai
GZ Beauty
Other Weapons, Shaolin
Running Time:
45 minutes
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There are various kinds of spearplay in the world. It relies mainly on outward block, inward block and thrust. Thrust with spear must be straight and fast, thrust straight in and pull straight out. Focus force on the tip of the spear, and thrust in a line. "Thrust as hidden dragon leaping out of water, pull back as fierce tiger running into cavity." This is the attack and defence technique in spear skills; there are upper horizontal thrust, middle horizontal thrust and lower horizontal thrust, in thrust spear. And the thrust spear horizontally forward at chest level takes the first place. So there is a saying, middle horizontal thrust is the chief of spear, which is hard to defend. Outward block, inward block are the techniques for parry and defend, so the range of the movement must not be too big, so that the opponent can't take advantage of a weak point to attack. Otherwise, tilt, point, pierce, chop, circle, pick, parry, these are all the common skills of spear. These movements require twist, circularity, proper force, and accurate methods.The spear skills must be practiced agilely and changeably in a wide range. The footwork must be agile, fast, and steady, as what people said, step as fast as wind and follow stepping as steady as nail. The force of waist, legs, arms, and wrists must be integrated with the spear and focused on the tip of spear.

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