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Ultimate Leg Locks #5 (Russian Sambo)

Ultimate Leg Locks #5 (Russian Sambo)
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Igor Yakimov
World Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts, Sambo
Running Time:
50 minutes
Release Date:


Volume 5 - Leglocks Across the Side: This is an awesome tape! Yes, leg locks can be done from the cross body and there are a lot of them! You will not see this material elsewhere. Learn Russian Sambo leg lock combos like leg and neck cranks and more arm and leg combos. Learn how to fake and control to make your opponent set himself up for a painful experience.

Russian Sambo Master Igor Yakimov, considered to be the best leglock specialist in Russia, shows you leglocks like never seen before including ankle locks, knee bars, knee knots, calf crushes and brutal hip twists that will devastate your opponents. Apply Russian Sambo leg locks from virtually every position possible, many never before seen outside of Russia. Some leglocks are so advanced, they utilize multiple locks at the same time, crushing, twisting and breaking the legs in multiple areas all in the same technique. You will even learn Russian Sambo leglock and armbar combinations that can be done simultaneously. We guarantee this 6 volume DVD series will blow you away with techniques that can be used in most any situation. This highly acclaimed DVD Series is a must have for anyone looking to add leg lock submissions to their mixed martial arts arsenal.

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