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Ultimate Leg Locks #6 (Russian Sambo)

Ultimate Leg Locks #6 (Russian Sambo)
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Igor Yakimov
World Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts, Sambo
Running Time:
50 minutes
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Volume 6 - Leglocks from the Mount & Back: Russian Sambo leglocks from the mount and the back positions! First, Igor shows one of his favorite attacks in leg locks, hurting Judo players that sit in the turtle position! Learn multiple ways to break legs that will make people that hide in this position think again. Then, learn how to defend your back if an opponent should get it by reversing him into a leg lock! Next, Igor takes you to the mounted position were he will teach you some of the most nasty leg and arm bar combinations you will ever see. These techniques are some of the very same ones that Igor has used in international competitions with great success. Last but not least, Igor shows some of the most advanced techniques in Russian Sambo by showing you how to escape from an arm bar into a leg lock.

Russian Sambo Master Igor Yakimov, considered to be the best leglock specialist in Russia, shows you leglocks like never seen before including ankle locks, knee bars, knee knots, calf crushes and brutal hip twists that will devastate your opponents. Apply Russian Sambo leg locks from virtually every position possible, many never before seen outside of Russia. Some leglocks are so advanced, they utilize multiple locks at the same time, crushing, twisting and breaking the legs in multiple areas all in the same technique. You will even learn Russian Sambo leglock and armbar combinations that can be done simultaneously. We guarantee this 6 volume DVD series will blow you away with techniques that can be used in most any situation. This highly acclaimed DVD Series is a must have for anyone looking to add leg lock submissions to their mixed martial arts arsenal.

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