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Yang Family Tai Chi Classical Forms #3

Yang Family Tai Chi Classical Forms #3
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Yang Zhen Duo
Beauty Media
Tai Chi
Running Time:
60 minutes
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In this set of DVDs, they give a thorough illustration of the characteristics and practicing methods of The Yang Style Tai Chi, including the demonstration and illustration of the traditional 103-Form and the simplified 49-Form Yang Tai Chi Chuan. This set of DVDs is a good teaching material because each of movement, hand technique and body shape are detailedly demonstrated and explained during the course of practice, so it makes even the beginners who have never heard of Tai Chi Chuan can learn it well in a very short time. Furthermore, it is also useful for those who want to improve their practicing level. They are taught and demonstrated by Master Yang Zhen Duo, the well-known Fourth Offspring of The Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. This set of 3 DVDs is divided into 4 parts:

Part I: The characteristics and the correct way of practicing of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan are introduced in detail in this part. The beginners will have a better understanding of the unique styles of Tai Chi Chuan, and lay a solid foundation for the practice of the routine.
Part II: In this part, you will learn the right method of practicing each movement and the key points, which should be noticed in your practice. The demonstration of the Tai Chi Chuan Master himself will make you learn the real and orthodox Tai Chi Chuan movements.
Part III: Demonstration of 103 Form Routine.
Part IV: Demonstration of 49 Form Routine.

About Yang Tai Chi: Originated from Chen style Tai Chi Chuan old Frame (classical form), yang style Tai Chi Chuan is created by Yang Luchan and his descendants. Thanks to their devotion and hard work, this style has become one of the Tai Chi Chuan schools. Its movements are carefully conceived and rationally arranged. While practicing, the exerciser carries himself with poise and confidence and play at a medium aped. All people, old and young, can play it with themselves mentally and physically trained. It improves the health as well as provides some self-defense techniques.

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