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Tai Chi: Chen Style Push Hand

Tai Chi: Chen Style Push Hand
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Tai Chi
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91 minutes
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Push Hands is a martial exercise in which two partners twine each other's hands to train their tactile responses and quickness. While practicing, the partners should comply with each other without being separated, moving freely and flexibly, rotating the body and avoiding forcible contact. The strategy entails increasing sensitivity so one may avoid the opponent's strengths while focusing toward his weak points. Later partners may want to "challenge" each other with pushes and other types of attack. Even if you play Push Hands from another style there will probably be some variations here which you can learn from Chen ZhenLei's performance. In this DVD, the detailed Chen Tai Chi Push Hand practicing methods are introduced. It is taught and demonstrated by Master Chen ZhengLei, the 19th Offspring of Chen Style Tai Chi, who enjoys the honour of the Top Ten Kung fu Matsers of China. It is one of the best teaching materials for the Tai Chi fans to further improve their Tai Chi fighting skills. The DVD contains the following: 1. Basic Requirements and Methods. 2. Coaching Routines in Sections. 3. Five Diferent Methods of Push Hands. 4. Demostration of Chen Style Fist Routines. The Chen style Tai Chi Push Hand has its own special flavor. As one might expect Reeling Silk Energy (Tsan Ssu Chin) is highly emphasized. Softeness overcoming hardness is the theme here. Chen Push Hands is particularly good at strengthening the legs and utilizing moves consistent with the Chen way of Tai Chi.

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