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Cane for Self-Defense (Turtle Press)

Cane for Self-Defense (Turtle Press)
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Gordon Oster
Turtle Press
Other Weapons
Running Time:
80 minutes
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The cane is the only weapon you can legally carry with you everywhere you go and on this comprehensive DVD, Gordon Oster shows you exactly why the common walking cane is one of the most effective self-defense weapons you can learn. Begin with the basics of selecting a cane for training and understanding how the various parts of the cane can be used for blocking, striking and pain compliance techniques. You'll learn grip, footwork, targets and even a warm-up to help you avoid injuries during training.

Once you have the basics down, Master Oster teaches a series of self-defense applications beginning with the most effective blocking, parrying, stabbing, flailing and striking techniques then progressing to partner scenarios in which you'll learn to defend against grabs, chokes, strikes, kicks and armed attacks. Finally, for advanced practitioners, there are a number of pain compliance techniques designed to take down and render an attacker harmless without permanent damage.

As a special bonus, Master Oster teaches a cane kata with self-defense applications, giving you an excellent way to practice your new skills with or without a partner. Each skill on this DVD is explained in detail by Master Oster and demonstrated from several camera angles to make learning easy and complete.

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